Winner 2013 + 2016 RedDot Design Award Bio Plastic

Four speculum versions to meet all your needs

In addition to our standard speculum range in multiple sizes we have developed specialist surgical specula for those special occasions. All available in Clean White & Crystal Clear.

Our line up


The Standard speculum

Our speculum is rapidly becoming The New Standard of quality in safe and patient-friendly women’s healthcare.

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Orchid-Speculum-Virgo-White-Sideflat Orchid-Speculum-Virgo-clear-sideflat Orchid-Speculum-Virgo-white-top
Orchid-Speculum-Medium-white-sideflat Orchid-Spec-Medium-clear-sideflat Orchid-Speculum-Medium-white-top
Orchid-Speculum-Wide-white-sideflat Orchid-Speculum-Wide-clear-sideflat Orchid-Speculum-Wide-white-top
Orchid-Spec-Long-white-sideflat Orchid-Speculum-Long-clear-sideflat Orchid-Speculum-Long-white-top


Smoke Plume eXtraction

Our SPX speculum is optimized for surgical precision, with optimal visualization of the Cervix. It provides effortless and reliable manipulation.

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Orchid-Speculum-MediumSX-white-sideflat Orchid-Spec-MediumSX-clear-sideflat Orchid-Speculum-MediumSX-white-top
Orchid-Speculum-WideSX-white-sideflat Orchid-Speculum-WideSX-clear-sideflat Orchid-Speculum-WideSX-white-top
Orchid-Speculum-LongSX-white-sideflat Orchid-Speculum-LongSX-clear-sideflat Orchid-Speculum-LongSX-white-top


Open Sided & Open Sided Smoke Extraction

Our Open Sided speculum further extends the posibilities allowing a wider range of procedures to be executed in outpatient settings.

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Orchid-Speculum-Open-white-sideflat Orchid-Speculum-Open-clear-sideflat Orchid-Speculum-Open-white-top
Orchid-Speculum-OpenSX-white-sideflat Orchid-Speculum-OpenSX-clear-sideflat Orchid-Speculum-OpenSX-white-top

BioBased Speculum

Orchid Spec Bio
The eco-friendly choice

Bridea’s standard speculum is already significantly less environmentally impacting than competing disposable brands. Now Bridea has developed a new and unique BioBased Speculum range. All the benefits of our Orchid Speculum with the added benefit or further reduced environmental impact.

BioBased material has an up to 7x lower CO2 footprint!

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Bridea BioBased UK – Left


We are working on great new products

This Fall we expect to launch our Open-Sided speculum size Medium (pink)!
We have several other Gynaecological novelties coming up shortly too! In addition to extending the gynaecological speculum solutions further, we are also improving the speculum choices available to ENT specialists. A nose speculum is currently also in development.

Any ideas for new products?


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Bridea Medical products

Preferred by doctors

  • 50% cost reduction
  • Unbreakable plastic
  • Comfortable fit, four sizes

Loved by patients

  • Soft rounded edges & gap design prevents “pinching”
  • Single use and no risk of tissue trauma
  • Patient-friendly design which never feels cold