Our USP’s

Why choose our speculum

  • Faster – 50% faster procedure, single-handed operation & locking
  • Friendlier – patient-friendly design which never feels cold
  • Smoother – soft rounded edges & gap design prevents “pinching”
  • Stronger – unbreakable, as tested by NHS SMTP testing facility
  • Safer – single use and no risk of tissue trauma


What doctors are saying


All specula in both White and Clear


Clean White vaginal speculum

The doctor’s choice. Most doctors prefer a white speculum.

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Crystal Clear vaginal speculum

A clear choice. Orchid Spec’s clear vaginal speculum provides a visible advantage for specific needs.

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Surgical Specula for special needs


SX – smoke extraction

A flat smoke channel improves visibility and facilitates precise horizontal manipulation of instruments. Available in multiple sizes.

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Open on one side, the Orchid Open’s generous spacious access allows for instruments or catheters to be easily inserted. SX smoke extraction is optional

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Our standard speculum is available in four sizes

BioBased Speculum

Orchid Spec Bio
The eco-friendly choice

Bridea’s standard speculum is already significantly less environmentally impacting than competing disposable brands. Now Bridea has developed a new and unique BioBased Speculum range. All the benefits of our Orchid Speculum with the added benefit of further reduced environmental impact.

BioBased material has an up to 7x lower CO2 footprint!

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Bridea BioBased UK – Left


Meet the designer

The designer Mr Bob Roeloffs re-imagined the speculum with passion for detail, comfort, ease of use and unprecedented quality. He believed it was time to completely abandon the traditional type designs and designed the new speculum – the Orchid Spec optimising it with the gynaecologists, the patients, the hospitals and an environmentally responsible product life-cycle in mind.

Mr Roeloffs has a Masters degree in Industrial Design Engineering from the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands.


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Bridea Medical products

Preferred by doctors

  • 50% cost reduction
  • Unbreakable plastic
  • Comfortable fit, four sizes

Loved by patients

  • Soft rounded edges & gap design prevents “pinching”
  • Single use and no risk of tissue trauma
  • Patient-friendly design which never feels cold