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Our advantages

Orchid Spec
the most reliable speculum

The Orchid Spec was tested at the NHS Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory (SMTL) in Wales. It was confirmed as the first ‘unbreakable speculum’ therefore strong enough to fulfill its function with ease.


1 soft rounded edges
2 gap design prevents pinching
3 backwards fronthandle design
4 single handed operation and locking
1 soft rounded edges
2 gap design prevents pinching
3 backwards fronthandle design
4 single handed operation and locking


Orchid Spec – the standard speculum

Our standard speculum is available in 4 patient friendly sizes and in both white and clear plastic.

Soft round edges
All rounded edges have a smooth soft feel thanks to an extra large outer radius of 1.5mm. Tissue flows freely without risk of trauma or irritation.
Cervix support & rounded inner edges
The inward folded edge positions and holds the Cervix for direct easy access even in case of an anterior or posterior Cervix position. Smooth rounded edges on the inside of the speculum remove all risk of scraping of the Cervix. Scraping of the Cervix is normally a frequent cause of patient discomfort and occasionally bleeding.
Outward folded outer edge
The outward folded outer edge keeps the opening free from tissue and allows greater freedom for instrument manipulation resulting in improved visibility of the cavity and Cervix.
Single handed locking
The new locking design allows for easy single handed locking and unlocking. This single handed operation frees the other hand for simultanious instrument manipulation. This reduces the procedure time.
Smooth surface finish
The smooth surface finish simplifies insertion of the speculum, reducing any unintentional discomfort. Gell can be used but water will be sufficient for lubrication.
Gap design prevents pinching
The gap is designed to avoid the risk of pinching protruding tissue during closing. Pinching is normally a frequent cause of patient discomfort.


Most doctors prefer a white speculum.

The doctor’s choice

Research by leading women’s health specialists has demonstrated that white provides specific advantages.
– White surface design vastly improves visibility of Cervix thanks to light reflection. Clear looses the light.
– Reduced misdiagnosis. Diagnosing through a ‘clear’ Speculum may provide a limited and distorted view due to local tissue depression and discolouration.
– Patients perceive white as higher quality, hygienic and friendly.

A clear choice
Orchid Spec’s clear vaginal speculum provides a visible advantage in such instances when the aim is accessing larger conditions or bleeding or inspecting sutures. Our white speculum is used by 95% of our customers. Some also have our clear speculum on hand for specific instances.



Orchid SPX – surgical smoke plume extraction

Our SPX speculum range provides vastly improved surgical precision and visibility due to a flat smoke plume extraction channel flush with the top of the speculum. No more tubes or pipes intruding into view and limiting manoeuvrability.

Tapered nozzle
The tapered nozzle allows for easy connection of all common smoke suction tubes and provides a reliable connection.
Unobstructed view
Vastly improved surgical precision and visibility due to a flat smoke channel which is made flush with the top of the speculum.
Greater freedom sideways
The outwardly curved edges provide extended range to manipulate instruments sideways, thereby retaining an open view and greater access.


Orchid Open – our special edition

Open on one side, the Orchid Open’s generous spacious access allows for instruments or catheters to be easily inserted.

Open sided
The open side allows for easy speculum retraction whilst leaving instruments or catheters engaged with the Cervix.
Extra height
A gradual increase of vertical dialation of the introitus improves overall access during procedures, through an innovative hinge design.
Bob Roeloffs

BioBased Speculum

Orchid Spec Bio
The eco-friendly choice

Bridea’s standard speculum is already significantly less environmentally impacting than competing disposable brands. Now Bridea has developed a new and unique BioBased Speculum range. All the benefits of our Orchid Speculum with the added benefit or further reduced environmental impact.

BioBased material has an up to 7x lower CO2 footprint!

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Bridea BioBased UK – Left

The Idea

Birth of Orchid Spec

In 2007 Mr Bob Roeloffs, when involved in a gynaecology project, realised that the proposed design had some design shortcomings. These could result in potentially sharp edges along the outer circumference of the product, which he believed would cause discomfort and potential harm to the patient.

At this moment Bob was inspired with a revolutionary design to solve this problem. Whilst solving this, Bob recognised multiple other aspects, which he believed could also be improved.  The Orchid Spec design was born.

The name ‘Orchid Spec’ comes from the delicate beauty of the Orchid flower. (lat. Orchidaceae)


Meet the designer

The designer Mr Bob Roeloffs re-imagined the speculum with passion for detail, comfort, ease of use and unprecedented quality. He believed it was time to completely abandon the traditional type designs and designed the new speculum – the Orchid Spec optimising it with the gynaecologists, the patients, the hospitals and an environmentally responsible product life-cycle in mind.

Mr Roeloffs has a Masters degree in Industrial Design Engineering from the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands.


Bridea Medical

“Bridea Medical is a Dutch company specialising in designing specula and periferal instruments for Gynaecology. Production in the Netherlands allows for state of the art manufacturing and environmentally friendly resource management. Bridea was awarded the Reddot Design Award winner 2013 & 2016.

In close collaboration with Dutch hospitals, Bridea has re-imagined the humble speculum, giving women and doctors a patient-friendly and user-friendly alternative. Driven by a desire for continuous improvement and the belief that the patient should come first, Bridea Medical has created the Orchid Speculum – a modern and natural-feeling alternative.”



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  • 50% cost reduction
  • Unbreakable plastic
  • Comfortable fit, four sizes

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  • Soft rounded edges & gap design prevents “pinching”
  • Single use and no risk of tissue trauma
  • Patient-friendly design which never feels cold