Orchid Spec speculum versions

New: Orchid Spec Bio – only in size Medium, White

The Orchid Speculum is a high-quality and robust plastic speculum with single-handed operation and locking, and rounded patient-friendly edges.

Orchid Spec Multi Pack

  • Try all 4 sizes in one box
  • Clean White or Crystal Clear

Orchid Spec Bio

Orchid Spec - The Standard

  • New: BioBased Speculum – Medium
  • White for better light reflection
  • 50% cost reduction
  • Unbreakable plastic
  • Clear for special indications
Orchid-Speculum-Medium-white-sideflat Orchid-Spec-Medium-white-frontside

Orchid Spec white

Orchid-Speculum-Wide-white-sideflat Orchid-Spec-Wide-white-frontside

Orchid Spec white

Orchid-Spec-Long-white-sideflat Orchid-Spec-Long-white-frontside

Orchid Spec white

Orchid-Speculum-Wide-clear-sideflat Orchid-Speculum-Wide-clear-frontside

Orchid Spec clear

Orchid-Speculum-Long-clear-sideflat Orchid-Speculum-Long-clear-frontside

Orchid Spec clear

Orchid Spec SPX - Smoke Plume eXtraction

  • Optimal view and access
  • Smoke plume extraction channel flush with speculum
  • Up to 80% cost reduction
  • Unbreakable plastic

Orchid Spec Open & Open SPX - Open Sided

  • Up to 80% cost reduction
  • Extra height
  • Open sided


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Bridea Medical products

Preferred by doctors

  • 50% cost reduction
  • Unbreakable plastic
  • Comfortable fit, four sizes

Loved by patients

  • Soft rounded edges & gap design prevents “pinching”
  • Single use and no risk of tissue trauma
  • Patient-friendly design which never feels cold