Orchid Open - Wide Smoke Extract

Article number: 1.031.44
Delivery time: 3 to 5 business days (now free delivery in EU)


  • Tip width / thickness: 33mm / 17mm
  • Optimal length / Maximum length: 90mm / 110mm


Advanced open design

  • advanced high-quality speculum designed for single use
  • open on one side, for an unobstructed view and optimal access
  • patented hinge design provides high stability and rigidity


Preferred by doctors

  • slimline smoke extraction channel
  • smooth single-handed operation and locking
  • hands-free after placement
  • inwardly folded edges facilitate optimal Cervix orientation
  • front handle design angled backwards providing precise control
  • no preheating required
  • virtually unbreakable plastic
  • excellent product strength through optimised design
  • up to 50% cost reduction


Loved by patients

  • "smooth" rounded edges ensuring patient comfort
  • design prevents “pinching”
  • single use - guaranteed clean
  • patient temperature friendly
  • clinical white or visible clear look 


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